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The Weapon reviewed at Spektakulärt

Ge got a short review at the Swedish science fiction/fantasy/horror blog Spektakulärt.

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The Weapon featured in Animation Reporter

The Indian animation magazine Animation Reporter did interviews with us some time ago, and the resulting feature article has now been published in the August 2009 issue. They have also been very kind to let us publish the article ourselves, it is available as a pdf-file here.

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No more vacation and lots of good news

After about a month of low activity due to vacation times, we are now back on track with spreading The Weapon throughout the world. There are some very good news upcoming, some of which we are not at liberty to speak of yet. However, we can tell you that we did an interview for the […]

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On clay and body boundaries in FLM

FLM writes about clay animation, Judith Butler and the boundaries between object and subject; and about us. Although the article mistakenly assumes The Weapon to be made in clay, its description of the threat of dissolving body parts is far too familiar to us after countless hours of melting vaseline fixatives and lost eyelids. Here […]

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Review in Helsingborgs Dagblad

We got a review in Helsingborgs Dagblad, enthusiastic about The Weapon and its do-it-yourself-mentality. We couldn’t agree more, the possibilities today are astronomical compared to just five or ten years ago. Go make a film! Vapnet – en berättelse om tidens gång Rating: 3/5 Direct-to-DVD. ANIMATED SHORTFILM, Sweden 2009. Direction: Markus Amalthea Magnuson, Mattias Valenca, […]

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The Weapon short review by Allix Davis

Film lover Allix Davis have written a short review of The Weapon, available at his blog. We really appreciate the attention!

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Follow-up on The Weapon in Arbetarbladet

As a follow-up to their previous article (see this page) about us, Arbetarbladet did a small interview with Markus over the phone. The resulting article was published a couple of weeks ago, here is an English transcript: Their two-year-project is premiering next week For two years the film makers lived in an apartment in Björksätra, […]

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Really nice review in Gefle Dagblad

Gefle Dagblad published a really nice review of The Weapon, after having visited our screening earlier this week, where they also did a short interview with Sandra. Here is a transcript of the interview in English: Well-made Weapon The artist and animator Johan Löfström have arranged short film evenings at Kulturkiosken since last autumn. Johan’s […]

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The Weapon in the local TV4 news

Markus did an interview (starting at approximately 6:10, it’s the last segment) with TV4 at the premiere screening of The Weapon in Gävle. Some details got mixed up, the news presenter says it took us one year to do the whole film while the segment itself says three years; the latter one is of course […]

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The Weapon featured in “Preparations”

Gävle is a candidate city for the title European Capital of Culture 2014, and a promotional short film called Preparations was made last year. Various makers of art and culture throughout Gävleborg are featured in the film, including Markus and Sandra during the last few days of recording The Weapon in September 2008.

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