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Follow-up on The Weapon in Arbetarbladet

As a follow-up to their previous article (see this page) about us, Arbetarbladet did a small interview with Markus over the phone. The resulting article was published a couple of weeks ago, here is an English transcript: Their two-year-project is premiering next week For two years the film makers lived in an apartment in Björksätra, […]

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Really nice review in Gefle Dagblad

Gefle Dagblad published a really nice review of The Weapon, after having visited our screening earlier this week, where they also did a short interview with Sandra. Here is a transcript of the interview in English: Well-made Weapon The artist and animator Johan Löfström have arranged short film evenings at Kulturkiosken since last autumn. Johan’s […]

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The Weapon in the local TV4 news

Markus did an interview (starting at approximately 6:10, it’s the last segment) with TV4 at the premiere screening of The Weapon in Gävle. Some details got mixed up, the news presenter says it took us one year to do the whole film while the segment itself says three years; the latter one is of course […]

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The Weapon featured in “Preparations”

Gävle is a candidate city for the title European Capital of Culture 2014, and a promotional short film called Preparations was made last year. Various makers of art and culture throughout Gävleborg are featured in the film, including Markus and Sandra during the last few days of recording The Weapon in September 2008.

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Interview with “Castlegardener’s animated life” from last year

Sandra did this interview with the blog Castlegardener’s animated life in July last year. As you may notice, the tone is a bit stressed, which in many ways conveys an accurate record of the situation at that time. Since we finished recording things have settled down a bit, and you could almost say the project […]

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Gothenburg screening

Comic fans are gathering in Gothenburg during next week (23rd-28th of March), for the annual comic con Serieveckan. Sandra will be there talking about The Weapon, and the film will also be screened. If you are visiting, be sure not to miss this screening! Date and time: Tuesday 24th of March, 19:00 Location: The auditorium […]

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No one can be told what The Weapon is

We’ve decided to start this blog as an official channel of information on The Weapon – A Tale of Passing Time, our animated short film that has been in production since the autumn of 2006. It would be an impossible task to sum up the various stages of production, most importantly the film is completely […]

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