The Weapon in the local TV4 news

Markus did an interview (starting at approximately 6:10, it’s the last segment) with TV4 at the premiere screening of The Weapon in Gävle. Some details got mixed up, the news presenter says it took us one year to do the whole film while the segment itself says three years; the latter one is of course correct. Also, out of maybe five minutes of interview material, the editor managed to pick out the most boring pieces. Well, that’s life. We still appreciate a whole lot that TV4 visited the screening and did a piece on us. Here is a transcript of the segment in English:

Presenter: After one year of hard work, the political science fiction film The Weapon is finally ready for the screen. Last night was the premiere at Kulturkiosken in Gävle.

Markus: It is a puppet animation made in stop motion-technique, which means you take one frame, then move the characters slightly, take another picture, and at twelve frames per second you get movement.

Voice-over: Work on the film commenced in late 2006 when the trio behind the film moved from Stockholm to Sandviken to isolate themselves in an apartment for the production. Almost three years later they can finally show the film, after thousands of hours of hard work.

Markus: We’ve chosen not to think anymore of how exhausting it was to work on the film, you always have mixed feelings for a project that runs for this long.

Photography and editing by Robin Persson

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