Press Coverage

Here we are gathering any coverage of The Weapon in the press and other media.

Spektakulärt, “Vapnet – en berättelse om tidens gång”

Short review of The Weapon at the Swedish science fiction/fantasy/horror blog Spektakulärt.

Arbetarbladet, “Tioåriga Idka förfestar”

The Weapon was included in a programme of young video art at Kulturkiosken, arranged by IDKA (one of our major benefactors during production) who are celebrating their 10th anniversary. Congratulations!

Animation Reporter, “The Weapon – A Tale of Passing Time”

This Indian animation magazine did a feature on The Weapon, you can read it here.

FLM, “Lera i tårkanalerna”

The Weapon is mentioned in an article of the abject aspects of clay animation. An excerpt in English can be found here.

Allix Davis

A short review of The Weapon on the blog of film lover Allix Davis.

Helsingborgs Dagblad

A review of our DVD in Helsingborgs Dagblad. A transcript in English can be found here.

Gefle Dagblad, “Välgjort Vapen”

A review of The Weapon was published after the premiere in Gävle, where Sandra also got interviewed by Gefle Dagblad. A transcript in English can be found here.

TV4 Gävle

We got interviewed by TV4 Gävle at the premiere screening of The Weapon, and they did a small feature at the evening news. More information and a transcript in English can be found here.

Arbetarbladet, “Deras två-årsprojekt har premiär nästa vecka”

We did a short interview with Arbetarbladet one week before the premiere in Gävle. Here’s an English transcript.


The Weapon was featured in a promotional short film for Gävle as candidate for the title European Capital of Culture 2014.

Castlegardener’s animated life, “Sandra Valenca’s interview”
Sandra did an interview with the blog Castlegardener’s animated life about the progress of the film and the woes of a poor animator.

Arbetarbladet, “De lämnade Stockholm för att göra film i Sandviken”
We did an interview with the local paper Arbetarbladet in Sandviken, strange enough we made the front page! Here’s a low resolution copy of the web version, a higher resolution copy from the print version will be available as soon as possible; including an English translation.

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