Follow-up on The Weapon in Arbetarbladet

As a follow-up to their previous article (see this page) about us, Arbetarbladet did a small interview with Markus over the phone. The resulting article was published a couple of weeks ago, here is an English transcript:

Their two-year-project is premiering next week

For two years the film makers lived in an apartment in Björksätra, working on their animated short film. Now it is finished and next week it is screened at the film festival X9 in Gävle.

– It’s going to be exciting to hear what people think, says Markus Magnuson

Two years ago, Arbetarbladet wrote about the three film makers Sandra Valenca, Sam Carlshamre and Markus Magnuson, who moved from Stockholm to Sandviken to minimize living costs, isolate themselves and work uninterrupted on their film project.

– People thought we were so ambitious who moved from everything and everyone we knew to make a film. It was not really about ambition, but to solve some practical problems; like lowering our costs for example, says Markus.

Two years were spent on filming the animated science fiction film The Weapon in their apartment in Björksätra, in late autumn they finished and left Sandviken. Since then they have done post production work, and as late as two days ago they could finally consider the film finished – in time for the premiere screening in Gävle at the 19th of March.

– It’s the first time we show it to someone who hasn’t been involved in the film. But those who have seen it think it is lovely, very detailed and solid.

What are you currently working on then?

– Sandra is involved in a documentary about the students’ farce at KTH. We are also discussing a zombie musical set at Gotland. We are not lacking ideas, but no one is very interested in making another animation at this point.

Article by Josefin Nygren

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