Review in Helsingborgs Dagblad

We got a review in Helsingborgs Dagblad, enthusiastic about The Weapon and its do-it-yourself-mentality. We couldn’t agree more, the possibilities today are astronomical compared to just five or ten years ago. Go make a film!

Vapnet – en berättelse om tidens gång

Rating: 3/5
ANIMATED SHORTFILM, Sweden 2009. Direction: Markus Amalthea Magnuson, Mattias Valenca, Sandra Valenca. Length: 29 min. (Nattlek)

DVD. Ipred-laws and pirate trials obscure the huge possibilities of the Net. “The Weapon – A Tale of Passing Time” is a prime example.

With voluntary payment, anyone can download this little Swedish animated film made by some young enthusiasts in Sandviken. In this case the Net is a possibility – not a threat! The film itself is remarkably well-made. The story is grandiose like a copy-protected Hollywood product. Three astronauts in a future space station and with a deadly weapon aboard, that is to be activated by new orders from head quarters. A discussion ensues about the individual’s responsibility.

I had possibly wished for additional resources to hire actors that weren’t so young. But the initiative and willpower to make a film in this difficult genre is in itself a sign of a new dawn. And with a large set of translated subtitles the goal is set for world distribution. Be strong! A different (film) world is possible!

You don’t believe me? Head straight to!

Article by Gunnar Bergdahl

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