Here's a whole lot of pictures from various occasions, some of the band and some of other people. If you have any pictures of us lying around, be sure to send them to us and maybe we'll put them on this page. Check the contact section for the address.


Gig at Födelsedagsfestivalen, Vaggeryd






Gig at Porten, Visby

Thumbnail Gustav, who studies philosophy, trying to look intellectual in the car.

Thumbnail Our friend Emelie showing the people in Visby the latest dance-moves from Stockholm.

Thumbnail Justus and Gustav standing in the backyard of Porten where we played, satisfied with the unloading of the instruments.

Thumbnail Justus outside Österport.

Thumbnail Our friend Håkan playing with a newspaper on the ferry.

Thumbnail Markus on his way to the island council in the early morning. He is very resolute as can be seen in this picture.

Thumbnail The afterparty at Isak's apartement was a great one. Everyone drank a lot of the gotlandish peachwine and were very eager to dance.

Thumbnail The set list for the gig. Maybe the first time we've ever squeezed in a slow song in the middle of the set.

Thumbnail Gustav trying to beat Johan in imitating famous people, this time looking like the former prime minister of Sweden, Ingvar "The Sole" Carlsson.

Thumbnail Some member in the band found a Swedish christmas billy goat and set it on fire. In the Swedish town of Gävle it is a tradition to do so. Maybe they will start doing this kind of thing in Visby too.

Thumbnail On our way home from the afterparty we saw some people outside a cinema. They were camping there just to be the first ones to get their hands on tickets to the premiere of the new Star Wars-movie. Or was it the next Corduroy Utd.-gig they were waiting for?

Thumbnail The whole band gathered the day after, for a football-style picture.


Gig at Kalmar Nation, Uppsala

Thumbnail Leo, Johan and Gustav on stage at Kalmar Nation. We were all in a very good mood and therefore the gig turned out very well.

Thumbnail Sam, Sandra and Leo outside the student city of 'Rascal Mountain'. All of them very pleased with the gig.

Thumbnail The crowd in Uppsala were very nice, although Gustav mixed them up with the students of Lund. Unfortunately some guys had too much to drink and were put in remand prison over the night, unfortunately for them they were let out one hour after all the buses that could take them home had stopped running.


Gig at Congero, Västervik

Thumbnail Sandra on stage at Congero.

Thumbnail Leo and Markus on stage.

Thumbnail Markus playing the organ.

Thumbnail The stage with all our instruments. We are very proud of the bass drum designed by Sandra.

Thumbnail Leo, Gustav and the two arrangers at Congero. Gustav couldn't sleep and decided to entertain the arranger in Västervik during the whole night. He was very tired the day after.

Thumbnail Johan slept on a pool table. He was very obstinate that the pope should sit next to him when he slept. Therefore he put a chair next to the table.

Thumbnail Johan, the most clown of us all, doing his famous Stevie Wonder imitation.


Gig at Smålands Nation, Lund

Thumbnail The band outside Smålands Nation in Lund, the first gig on the "tourette" (three gigs in row) in april 2005. Untouched by all the horrors of touring.

Thumbnail David, a friend of Sandras was one of the two drivers hired for the tourette. Here he can be seen playing some air guitar.

Thumbnail Jenny, the other driver, exhausted after driving around with the band.

Thumbnail The whole Corduroy Utd. gathered backstage after the gig. Justus had brought a bottle of whiskey and Leo tried out some swedish 'snus', and there was much rejoicing!

Thumbnail Markus and Sandra relaxing backstage, tired after the long drive from Stockholm.

Thumbnail Justus and Markus were very pleased with the way we were welcomed in Lund.

Thumbnail Sam and Gustav posing somewhere in Lund after having a 3 o'clock in the morning meal.

Thumbnail We played with Björns Vänner in Lund. Here they are backstage rejoicing with us.

Thumbnail The bar at Smålands Nation think it's important to make it clear where you buy your refreshments.


Gig at Vänner & Bekanta, Stockholm

Thumbnail Sam and Sandra a.k.a. 'The Blow Jobs' doing their thing at the gig at Vänner och Bekanta.


Touring in Germany

Thumbnail On the ferry between Sweden and Denmark. The tall guy with a blue trainer jacket on is our friend Peter who kindly helped us driving through Germany. Thank you Peter!

Thumbnail The touring bus was provided by Berra's.

Thumbnail The night before the first gig we stayed at one of Justus mothers friends in a small town somewhere between Hamburg and Bremen. They made us think that we were getting soup for dinner, but in fact they had made us a real banquet with lots of food and plenty of drinks. A good start on a good tour.

Thumbnail One of the first things we did when we got to Germany was to get our swimming suits on and go for a swim. Here Peter and Justus can be seen eyeing the rest of the band.

Thumbnail Gustav and the former backing vocalist Alex were very keen on playing around in the water. Here they are in the tub we found in the hotel we stayed at in Bremen.

Thumbnail Gustav, Peter and Johan, sitting in a fast-food joint, trying to make a good list of songs for the gig in Bremen.

Thumbnail Leo was very pleased with the idea of going swimming. Check those calves out.

Thumbnail The whole band, except Markus who always does a lot of the photographing, gathered on the porch of Justus mothers friends. The firemens orchestra rehearsing in the garage behind us had actually arranged an ABBA-medley which they played when we were having snacks.

Thumbnail Public announcement: Corduroy Utd. are in town. Go and see them!

Thumbnail Gustav trying to look like one of those Brunolesci paintings. Johan in the band is a big admirer of Brunolesci, a renaissance painter from Italy.

Thumbnail Breakfast on the porch. Everyone in the band can agree on the fact that it was one of the best breakfeasts they've ever had.

Thumbnail Gustav in a Corduroy Utd. t-shirt, one of the few existing.

Thumbnail Justus on stage in Berlin doing some of his really fast drumming.

Thumbnail In the eye of the storm. On stage in Kassel.

Thumbnail One of the bands specialities is afterpartying. We have such a great solidarity which can be seen in this picture.

Thumbnail In hamburg we played at Weltbühne, run by the two cineastas Tino and Alvaro. Hamburg was great and Tino and Alvaro surely was a big part of it.

Thumbnail On the way back home to Sweden we did some shopping at a Lidl-store.

Thumbnail This is where Sam, Justus, Peter and Markus slept in Hamburg. Not as nice as the hotel in Bremen but good enough for Corduroy Utd.

Thumbnail Johan having his morning coffee in Berlin. Everyone in the band knows it's important for him to have that cup of coffee in the morning or else he gets very upset.


Gig at Rundgångsfestivalen, Karlskrona

Thumbnail Gustav on stage together with former backing vocalist Alexander Saltzberger. Alex is one of Swedens more promising actors.

Thumbnail Our friends in the German band Happy Couple. They are very nice people.

Thumbnail Justus on stage.

Thumbnail Second Hand Furniture, some other friends of ours.

Thumbnail Richard Reagh we met for the first time on Rundgångsfestivalen but we immediately became very good friends. The live perfomance was one of the best things we've seen for a long time.


Gig at Jon-Jons Biljard, Jönköping

Thumbnail Justus the morning after.

Thumbnail Our friend Klas drove us to Jönköping. Here he's trying to impress us with his guitar skills.

Thumbnail Next to the pool hall where we played, there was a Christian nonconformist second-hand store.

Thumbnail Gustav and Sam in the car on the way to Jönköping. Already in that good gig mood.

Thumbnail Justus dancing his way through the pool hall.

Thumbnail Johan before a fireman carried him away on his shoulders and before our friend Markus's father showed him his garden. But after drinking the blue liquor of Jon-Jon's.

Thumbnail Sandra disassembling a piece of furniture she found in Jönköping. Nowdays it can be seen in her own apartment.



Thumbnail Sam outside our rehersal place.

Thumbnail The Corduroy Utd. cake made by Markus and his girlfriend Matilda. We all agreed it was one of our best tasting experiences ever.

Thumbnail This is a picture of the band, made by our friend Emelie. We love it!