Here you can listen to our songs. Currently, all of the songs from both our debut EP and our debut album are available for download. Also, keep looking at this page, and you might eventually find some unreleased and rare songs, such as the finnish yamaha-tango version of Michael or the early bedroom recording of It's Time for Bed. Our records can be bought at any well sorted record store, for almost no money at all. They're also available at the Labrador Webshop. What are you waiting for?


A Complete History of Popular MusicA Complete History of Popular Music
Compilation by Labrador: "We celebrate our 100th release and 10 years as a label with an exclusive 4 CD Box with one song from each release ever. 100 songs + thick booklet with Labrador history and interview, comments on each track, the bands list their Labrador favourites and more."

Contains two songs by Corduroy Utd.

3-18. In a Dream
3-24. Daddy's Boy


A Divine Roadtrip With Corduroy Utd.A Divine Roadtrip With Corduroy Utd.
After the release of "Oh Eira", we started recording new songs, but this material was never released. So instead of having this stuff lying around on some old dirty harddrive, we present it to you in downloadable form.

1. Divine Roadtrip
2. Baby Had to Run Away
3. Not Something New
4. Friday


Here's a funny little piece of audio for you, it is a radio interview with the band, recorded during our tour in Germany. As if the overdubbed German voices weren't hilarious enough, it also features Alex singing the song "Gänseblümchen" a capella. This is a song that we played live on all of our gigs down there.



Oh EiraOh Eira (unreleased songs)
During the compilation of "Oh Eira", some songs didn't make it all the way. These are songs that were all recorded during the same sessions as the album, and they are now available here for the first time ever. Excepted is the song "Without The City" which was the b-side of the single "Daddy's Boy".

Another, New Order
Saturday 10AM
The Pale Routines of Hers
Without The City


Oh EiraOh Eira
Our first album was recorded in Jönköping, a nonconformist town close to the lake Vättern in the middle of Sweden. We spent three weeks in the studio recording and mixing, with some of the nicest lads there is. The whole process contained lots of fantastic memories such as sleeping in a shelter, partying at the club Bongo Bar and having a beer at the pub Ladan.

1. Daddy's Boy
2. Details
3. Elvis in Town
4. I Saw Love
5. In a Dream
6. The Antilounge Manifesto
7. Make It Up
8. This Joyful Disease
9. Kill, Mrs. Buckenhauer
10. After the Party
11. Hey Girl! (A Song for Perni)


Daddy's BoyDaddy's Boy
A limited 7"-single released at the same time as "Oh Eira" with the song "Daddy's Boy" (also appearing on the album) on the A side, and "Without The City", originally a slow bossa nova, on the B side.

1. Daddy's Boy
2. Without the City


Corduroy Utd.Corduroy Utd.
Our first release saw the stores in the early spring of 2002, nearly a year after it's recording. This was when we didn't have a drummer of our own and apart from them there are some other guests appearing on the songs. Gustav's previous flute teacher provided some girls playing the strings. All four songs where recorded during two days in one of Warner Musics small studios in Danderyd, a fancy suburb of Stockholm. When we first came to the studio, Jan Norum the guitar-player in Europe was there doing his licks. Unfortunately for him but luckily for us, he forgot his guitar pick. Leo saw this as a sign and used the pick when recording the bass. It gave that little extra touch to all the songs.

1. Behind My Back
2. I'm Growing, I'm Freezing
3. Here Comes the Summer
4. It's Time for Bed


Labrador Kingsize, Vol. 2Labrador Kingsize, Vol. 2
This is another compilation-cd by Labrador. Other artists appearing on this album are Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Radio Dept and our friends in edson.

Daddy's Boy
In a Dream


The Sound of Young Sweden, Vol. 3The Sound of Young Sweden, Vol. 3
Sound of Young Sweden is a compilation-cd originally released by Summersound Recordings. We appeared on this, the third one, released by Labrador, with two songs recorded in the Skank Room-studio during two days. It was the first time we were in a studio with the new line-up.

Elvis in Town (Old version, as "Little Elvis" on the track listing)
In a Dream

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