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John Foulds



Apotheosis (Elegy): I. Quasi Funèbre
Apotheosis (Elegy): II. Poco meno
Apotheosis (Elegy): III. Andante lento
Apotheosis (Elegy): IV. Tempo della prima stanza
Dynamic Triptych Op.88: I Dynamic Mode
Dynamic Triptych Op.88: II Dynamic Timbre
Dynamic Triptych Op.88: III Dynamic Rhythm
Impressions of Time and Place Op.48: I April - England
Keltic Suite Op.29: II Lament
Lyra Celtica: I. Lento - Allegro commodo
Lyra Celtica: II. Largo - Quasi allegretto piacevole
Mantra 1 (Of Action and Vision of Terrestrial Avataras)
Mantra I (Of Action and Vision of Terrestrial Avataras)
Mantra II (Of Bliss and Vision of Celestial Avataras)
Mantra III (Of Will and Vision of Cosmic Avataras)
Mirage: I. Largo
Mirage: II. Moderato
Mirage: III. Lento assai - Allegro molto
Mirage: IV. Presto
Mirage: V. Lento giusto - Adagio
Mirage: VI. Moderato Trionfale
Music-Pictures III Op.33: I the Ancient of Days
Music-Pictures III Op.33: II Colombine
Music-Pictures III Op.33: III Old Greek Legend
Music-Pictures III Op.33: IV the Tocsin
The Song of Ram Dass