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Mary W. Shelley



A stranger comes on board
Chase over the frozen ocean
Clerval and the daemon appear
Confrontation with the daemon
Departure for Ingolstadt
Diario de Robert Walton - 13 de agosto
Diario de Robert Walton - 19 de agosto
El despertar de La Criatura
Frankenstein begins his story
Frankenstein returns home
Frankenstein's wanderings begin
Geneva - London - Perth
Horrifying news
In search of the North West passage
Justine's trial
Madness and destruction
Murder again
Primera carta de Robert Walton
Primeras inquietudes científicas
Puesta en marcha del experimento
Relato del Doctor Frankenstein - Introducción
Release, return to Geneva and marriage
Segunda carta de Robert Walton
Tercera carta de Robert Walton
The daemon begins his story
The daemon converses
The daemon lives
The daemon reflects
The daemon transformed
The daemon's demand
The daemon's last words
The final revenge
The first murder
The ice closes in
The murder of Clerval and prison
The Orkneys - the labours begin again
The process of learning
The study continues
The study of anatomy