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Will F. Denny



A Change Will Do You Good
A Job Like That
A Man Took a Girl
A Pity to Waste It
Ain't Dat a Shame?
Ain't You My Lulu?
All Birds Look Like Chickens to Me
All Doing a Little Bit
Any Old Place I Can Hang My Hat Is Home, Sweet Home to Me
Ask Me Not
At the Pan-I-Marry-Can Pan-Am
Big Black Annie's Birthday Ball
Can't Stop
Cold Feet
Different Styles of Singing
Enoch Brown
Go 'way Back and Sit Down
How the Irish Beat the Band
How'd You Like to Be the Iceman?
I Didn't Know Till Afterwards
I Want Someone to Care for Me
I Wonder If He's Waiting
I'm Lookin' At You, Lizz
I'm Not Particular
I've Waited, Honey, Waited Long for You
In the Morn
Is There Anything Else You'd Like?
Just Think This Over
Mandy, Will You Be My Lady Love?
Miss Helen Hunt
My Old Westchester Home
My Word! What a Lot of It
Never Mind the Moon
Norah, Dear
Nothing Like That in Our Family
Oh, Don't It Tickle You?
One Touch of Nature
Parody on Because I Love You
Parody on the Moth and the Flame
Sarah From Syracuse
She Was There
Since Malinda Hinda's in the Syndicate
Somebody's Mother
Such Doings
Take Care, Beware
That Minstrel Man of Mine
The Naughty Banana Peel
The Shadows on the Door
The Song That Will Live Forever
The Tale of the Bucket
The Tick, Tack, Tocking of the Clocking on Her Stocking
The Turkey and the Turk
The White Silk Dress
They Don't Speak to One Another Now
Time Is Money
Up Came Johnny With His Camera
Vaudeville Specialty, No. 5
When a Woman Loves
You Can't Think of Everything
You Said A'plenty
You'll Have to Get Off and Walk