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Arthur Francis Collins



A Bowery Bantam Ball
A Red Hot Coon
Abraham Jefferson Washington Lee
Ain't Dat Lovin'?
All Coons Look Alike to Me
All in, Down and Out
And a Little Bit More
Any Rags
Baby Doll
Bill Simmons
Brother Noah Gave Out Checks for Rain
Bye-Bye, Ma Eva, Bye-Bye
Campin' on De Ole Swanee
Cindy, I Dreams About You
Cohan's Rag Babe
Coonville's Cullud Band
De Possum Chase
Down Where the Swannee River Flows / Come Out of the Kitchen Mary Ann
Ephraham Johnson
Ephraim’s Jazbo Band / They’re Wearin’ ’em Higher in Hawaii
Ev'ry Darkey Had a Raglan On
Every Morn I Bring Her Chicken
Every Night I See That Nigger Standing Round
Every Race Has a Flag but the Coon
Everybody Had a Good Old Time
Everybody Has a Whistle Like Me
Fly, Fly, Fly
For De Lawdy Sakes, Feed My Dawg
Gabriella Brown Is Back in Town
Gimme De Leavin's
Great Big Chickapoo Chief
Hannah, Won't You Open That Door?
Hannibal Hope
Happy Days in Dixie
Have You Seen My Henry Brown?
He Done Me Wrong
Hello, Ma Baby
Here It Comes Again
Hesitate, Mr. Nigger
Honey, Does Yer Love Yer Man?
I Ain't a Gwine to Weep No More
I Ain't Seen No Messenger Boy
I Don't Know Where I'm Goin', but I'm on My Way
I Get Dippy When I Do That Two-Step Dance
I Got to See the Minstrel Show
I Guess I'll Have to Telegraph My Baby
I Think I See My Brother Coming Now
I Want My Lulu
I Wish My Rent Was Paid
I Wish They'd Do It Now
I Wonder Why Bill Bailey Don't Come Home
I'd Leave My Happy Home for You
I'm Getting Sleepy
I'm Going Right Back to Chicago
I'm Happy When I'm by My Baby's Side
I've Got a Feelin' for You
I've Got a White Man Workin' for Me
I've Just Received a Telegram From Baby
If Anybody Wants to Meet a Jonah, Shake Hands With Me
If I Only Had a Dollah of My Own
If I'm Going to Die, I'm Going to Have Some Fun
If You Love Your Baby, Make Goo-Goo Eyes
If You're Such a Great Star, Why Don't You Shine?
It Makes No Difference Who’s Sweetie You Were, You’re My Sweet Sweetie Now / My Mind’s Made Up to Marry Caroline
It's Great to Be Crazy
Just as the Sun Went Down
Just Because He Couldn't Sing "Love Me, and the World Is Mine"
Just Because She Made Dem Goo-Goo Eyes
Keep Away From Emmeline!
Lam' Lam' Lam'
Long Live America
Ma Tiger Lily
Make a Fuss Over Me
Mammy's Little Punkin Colored Coon
Mandy Lee
Melancholy Mose
Moses Andrew Jackson, Good-Bye
Mother Hasn't Spoken to Father Since
Move Up, Johnson
Moving Day
Much Obliged to You
My Ann Elizer
My Dixie Lou
My Hannah Lady
My Lady Hottentot
My Little Pansy
My Money Never Gives Out
No Cake Can Come Too High for Me
Nobody Knows Where John Brown Went
Nothin' Ever Worries Me
O Liza, How I Despise Her
Oh! Mr. Brown
Oh, Didn't He Ramble
Old Bill Jones
Old Time Rag
Oysters and Clams
Parson Jones' Three Reasons
Pliny, Come Kiss Your Baby
Pretty Desdamone
Prohibition Blues / The Cannibal King
Ragtime Don't Go With Me No More
Ramblin' Sam
Remus Take the Cake
Robinson Crusoe's Isle
Say Yo' Love Me, Sue
Schooners That Pass in the Night
Scissors to Grind
So Long, So Long
Susianna From Louisiana
Syncopated Sandy
The Bingville Band
The Blue and the Gray
The classics for mine / Alimony blues
The Coleville Coon Cadets
The Colonel
The Colored Aristocracy
The Darktown Colored Band
The Gondolier
The Goo-Goo Man
The Goose-Bone Man
The Handicap March Song
The Mick Who Threw the Brick
The New Bully
The Preacher and the Bear
The Preacher and the Bear
The Rag Time Volunteers Are Off to War / The Dark Town Strutters’ Ball
The Seventeenth of March
The Whitewash Man
There's Always Something Wrong
Tobie, I Kind O' Likes You
Vaudeville Specialty, No. 4
What Do You Think of Hoolihan?
What You Goin' to Do When the Rent Comes 'round?
What You Goin' To Tell Old St. Peter?
What's the Matter With the Mail?
When a Poor Relation Comes to Town
When You Ain't Got No Money, Well, You Needn't Come Around
Who Dat Say "Chicken" in Dis Crowd?
Who's There?
Why, Hello Bill, Who's Your Friend?
Won't You Fondle Me?
Won't You Roll Dem Eyes
Yo' Mustn't Try to Fool Yo' Little Angie
You Can't Keep McKinley From the Chair
You're All Right, but You Don't Get In
You've Met All Comers, but You Haven't Met Me