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Cal Stewart



A Meeting of the Annanias Club at Pumpkin Center
And Then I Laughed
Fire Department
Ground-Hog Day at Punkin Centre
I'm Old, but I'm Awfully Tough!
Jim Lawson's Horse Trade
Jim Lawson's Hoss Trade With Deacon Weatherspoon
Lightning Rod Agent
The Daily Paper at Punkin Centre
The Last Day of School at Punkin Centre
The Three Little Owls and the Naughty Little Mice
There Ain't a Word
Uncle Josh and the Lightning Rod Agent
Uncle Josh at a "Raines Law" Hotel
Uncle Josh at a Camp Meeting
Uncle Josh at the Opera
Uncle Josh at the Opera
Uncle Josh at the Stock Exchange
Uncle Josh in a Chinese Laundry
Uncle Josh in a Chinese Laundry
Uncle Josh in a Department Store
Uncle Josh in a Roller Skating Rink
Uncle Josh in a Street Car
Uncle Josh in Society
Uncle Josh Invites the City Folks to Visit Him Down Home on the Farm
Uncle Josh on a Fifth Avenue 'Bus
Uncle Josh on the Signs of New York
Uncle Josh Playing a Game of Base Ball
Uncle Josh Playing a Game of Baseball
Uncle Josh Rides on a 'Bus on Fifth Avenue, New York
Uncle Josh Weathersby Playing Golf
Uncle Josh Weathersby's Huskin' Bee Dance
Uncle Josh's Arrival in New York City
Uncle Josh's Letter From Home
Uncle Josh's New Year's Pledge
Uncle Josh's Second Visit to New York
Uncle Josh's Trip Home to His Farm
Uncle Josh's Trip to Boston
Uncle Josh's Trip to Coney Island
Uncle Josh's Troubles in a Hotel
Uncle Josh's Visit to a Department Store
Uncle Sam to George