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Len G. Spencer



A Budget of Short Stories
Auction Sale of Household Goods
Clancy's Prize Waltz Contest
Cock Robin
Con Clancy's Before Election Speech
Con Clancy's Christening
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Independence Bell
Ingersoll at the Tomb of Napoleon
Kerrigan's Bachelor Dinner
Lincoln's Speech at Gettysburg
Making the Fiddle Talk
Marty Maloney's Wake
Meister's Musical Masterpiece
Parson Spencer's Discourse on Adam and Eve
Patriotic Poem
Pedro, the Hand Organ Man
Pompernickel's Silver Wedding
Reuben Haskins' Ride on a Cyclone Auto
Reuben Haskins' Ride on His Airship
Talmadge on Miracles
The Arkansaw Traveler
The Musical Yankee
The Return of the Arkansas Traveller
Twenty-Third Psalm and Lord's Prayer
Uncle Tom's Cabin
What I Heard at the Vaudeville