About this site

One dark and lonely winter, two friends sat around, amazed by the first few demos of a by then unheard-of band called Dungen. They couldn't find any lyrics or chords to the songs published anywhere on the Internet, so they decided to fill that void. This is the result; we've got them all!

All transcribed lyrics are based on what we think we've heard when listening to the songs, which means that some parts may be slightly incorrect. These ambiguous parts are marked with square brackets ([...]).

We need your help! Please help us tab the chords of all remaining non-tabbed Dungen songs.
We're still the original source of basically all of the web's Dungen lyrics and chords!

We appreciate if you email us any chords, lyrics or corrections.

Thanks to Squidfingers for graphics, and to Fredrik Andersson, Jonas Överby, Stefan Viljehammar, Ellen E, Anton Clarholm, Jeffrey Gist, Petter Wallgren, Morten Liljegren, Johannes Löfvendal, Stefan Höglund, Matt Nakaska, Karl Erik Leander, Valter Sydén, Rasmus Sylvester Bryder, Gustaf Holtenäs, Eric Dantanus, and Oscar Morris for corrections to the material.