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This is a page with lyrics, and chords to the lovely artist Doris Svensson (commonly known as just "Doris"). If you have the chords or lyrics to a song we don't, then please email us.



01. Did You Give the World Some Love Today, Babe? (has chords)
02. I Wish I Knew (has chords)
03. Grey Rain of Sweden
04. Waiting at the Station
05. Don't
06. Daisies (has chords)
07. You Never Come Closer
08. Whispering Pine (has chords)
09. I'm Pushing You Out
10. Won't You Take Me to the Theatre
11. Beatmaker
12. Bath
13. Mama Didn't Lie (has chords)
14. Benny Law
15. You Made a Fool of Me
16. Wouldn't That Be Groovy? (has chords)
17. Don't Let It Rain
18. One Fine Day (has chords)
19. Flowers in the Morning (has chords)
20. What a Lovely Way (has chords)
21. Why Did You Go
22. Go Back to Daddy