The Fermats
The Fermats are dead, long live The Fermats! As soon as possible, we'll make all of our recorded songs available here at the site, as well as eight or nine new songs. One of them is Ode to the Code.

The Fermats
We released two records; the third one was on its way but, unfortunately, was never finished.

Six or Seven Ways To Spend Your Summer EP
Released: 11/07/2003
Tracks 1 and 4 by Leo Nathorst-Böös. Tracks 2 and 3 by Markus Magnuson. Tracks 5 and 6 by Leo and Markus. All instruments were played by Leo and Markus, except the drums, which were played by Håkan Waara. Vocals by Leo and Markus, except on track 1 by Anna Jansson. All songs were produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Leo and Markus during three months in mid-2003. Special thanks to Mikaela for lying on the sofa, Andrey for the band name, and Tumlarmedia for broadcasting us on television. Very special thanks to Björn Magnuson for lending us drums and recording them for us. Oh, and of course, a great thanks to Propellerheads for lending us their CD-duplicator and Kenneth Magnuson for printing high-quality covers.

01. Mary, oh Mary! [01:50] lyrics
02. Four Wheels [01:32] lyrics
03. Boring Days at School [01:39] lyrics
04. Coffee, Cookies and Nice Dinners [01:20] lyrics
05. French Mathematician Theme, Part One [01:20] lyrics
06. From London To Panic [00:42] lyrics

Waffle Breakfast With The Fermats
Released: 12/11/2002
This is our first cassette released, and we're quite satisfied with it. It contains six finely crafted songs of pure pop. All tracks were recorded at Sandy Slope Studios, except track six, which was recorded at Castle Studios. Oh, and some of the sleeves are handpainted!

01. Waffle Breakfast With The Fermats [01:41] lyrics
02. I Don't Want To Feel Stupid [01:42] lyrics
03. Electronic Renaissance [02:23] lyrics
04. Shrimps [02:22] lyrics
05. Kevin Rowland [02:48] lyrics
06. Monday [01:50] lyrics
We did five live performances:

[06/02/2004] Velvet Revolver, Klubben
[12/09/2003] Stacken, Nalen
[29/08/2003] Bombardon
[31/05/2003] Rundgångsfestivalen
[09/03/2003] Fun City Teenagers!
The Fermats was formed in a moment of sheer creative rush on a beautiful summer's day. Our ambition was to make happy, catchy pop songs with a touch of humour, and to keep the Swedish indie-pop scene alive. As time has passed, we have turned the band into something quite more serious than what it was that summer. The Fermats consisted of three members when founded; Leo, Markus and Anna. Later on, we invited Gustav to play bass with us during the live shows. And eventually, we decided to use real drums on the recordings (rather than drum-machine), and therefore Håkan joined us. Nowadays, Håkan no longer plays the drums (madman Justus took care of that at our remaining two gigs at the time), and later on, Niclas took care of the drumming. Also, Anna decided to call quits a while ago, so until we've found a new female vocalist (you know any?) Markus and Leo sing. The Fermats are:

Leo Nathorst-Böös (guitar, vocals)
Markus Magnuson (guitar, keys, vocals)
Gustav Ågren (bass, backing vocals)
Niclas Sjöbeck (drums)
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