Some useful Cocoa classes

These classes require you to include the Cocoa framework in your project. Please email us any fixes, so everyone can benefit from them. Thank you!

LinkScraper 2.0

LinkScraper is a Cocoa class that asynchronously gets all links ("scrapes") from HTML pages.

It is reusing GNU wget's standalone HTML parser for high performance and can scrape many sites in parallel, something which you could never do using Cocoa's built-in HTML capabilities.

Licensed under the GPL license

BatchDownloader 1.0

BatchDownloader is a Cocoa class that downloads a bunch of URLs asynchronously, and notifies you when it's done.

Example usage: if you're writing a web spider, or together with LinkScraper (above) for any application that wants to parse web content. Licensed in the Public Domain.

SingleBlockingDownload 1.0

SingleBlockingDownload is the exact opposite of BatchDownloader. It downloads any file synchronously (blocking), returning the downloaded data to you once it is done.

SingleBlockingDownload is Public Domain.

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